Choosing the color of hair extensions

We at Tangled have a wide selection of different colors of our hair extensions.
When choosing a color, you start from your own hair color and see in the pictures which hair extension is most similar to your own hair.

If you also want to dye your hair in connection with inserting your new hair extension, then we recommend dyeing your hair after you order your hair extension.
Then you can take the loose hair to your hairdresser, so that you get the most even result possible. The hairdresser also gets an idea of ​​how you want your color to look.

Tone hair extension

Should the color of your hair be different from the color of the loose hair, you can easily even out this with a toning.
We don't recommend bleaching your hair extensions, but toning the hair extensions darker works just fine!

You can always change your hair extension to another color if the color does not match your own hair as long as the packaging is unbroken.