About us

We are Tangled. We exist to unite the styling community.

It is not our styles that unite us but the passion to be able to create them.
Because even though our personalities may be different, the simplicity of being able to create our own style, regardless of hair type and skills, is what unites us.
Our team consists of colorful individuals, all of whom are passionate about being able to express their style. We also want to be able to give them to you.

Tangled Sweden was founded with the ambition that everyone should be able to create a stylish hairstyle all by themselves, regardless of hair type.

As hairdressers, we have seen that many people find it difficult to achieve a hairstyle on their own, which is why we created Tangled Sweden. Styling Made Easy.

We have learned a lot during the journey as hairdressers and gathered knowledge to be able to produce the best, most qualitative hair accessories for you.

Thank you for your interest - Tangled Team

Tangled staff