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Important information regarding forgeries

It has come to our attention that other websites are aggressively advertising and selling poor and cheap copies of our product, and in some cases also using our name, images and copyrighted text.

Several of these sites can steal your credit card information, so we caution against entering personal information on these sites.

We take this seriously and our legal representatives follow up on all violations of copyright law and our intellectual property.
If you see other pages that sell copies of our products, we gratefully receive any information about them.

Buy only via our official website to avoid bad copies or having your identity and credit card information stolen!

Have you been exposed?

If you have been exposed, we recommend that you dispute the payment via your bank, Klarna or another payment solution.
In many cases, you can get your money back if you have been the victim of a fraud attempt.

How do I know what is a legitimate website?

We currently do not sell our products through third parties.
Therefore only buy via our official website.

Help us stop these fraudsters!

We have become aware that numerous websites have appeared claiming to sell the Tangled Scrunchie, sometimes at significant discounts. Many of these sites exist only to steal credit card information. Others sell cheap and unsafe copies of our product.

These counterfeit websites and products are particularly fraudulent because they have stolen our copyrighted videos, images and content and claim to manufacture and sell our product designs. These sites advertise aggressively on Facebook and Instagram, promoting significant discounts and instant deliveries.

Our lawyers vigorously pursue any infringement of our intellectual property, but since it is relatively easy to create a new website, it is likely that new websites will continue to appear. Buy only from our official Tangled website or from selected retailers. You can be sure that the only ways to buy genuine Tangled Scrunchies are from our official website

Report Fraudsters

Found a scammer? Report it to our trademark protection department below.

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