Subscribe, contact me, I'll be happy to help you all the way with your change so that it's right!

The absolute best thing is if you can send me a picture of your hair, then I can help you in the best way so that the color is right.

Should it be that we do not have your hair color, I will pass it on as a proposal to the product development team. If the demand for a certain color is high, we will produce that too!

- Michelle Customer Service at

You always have a 30-day right of return when you shop with us, so you don't have to stress about sending in your return.

The first thing you need to do is email me or my colleagues so that we can register that you have reported a return. You do this via the contact form here on the website or to:

You will then receive a detailed description via email of how to return your package from me or my colleagues.

You can read more about our rules for returns here .

- Michelle Customer Service at

Look at your own hair color and choose the color that is closest to your own.

If you find that your hair is in between two colors, choose the lighter color for a stylish and trendy ombre look!

Should you still feel unsure, you are more than happy to email us a picture at Then you are in the safe hands of our professional customer service of former hairdressers who will take good care of you.

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

Tangled Scrunchie

You can wash your Scrunchie in lukewarm water with mild shampoo and conditioner.

I recommend you use specially adapted hair care products for hair extensions for best results. Some hair products can contain strong chemicals that are not only harmful to the extension, but also to your own hair.

Tape In Extensions

For Tape in Extensions, I recommend also washing with specially adapted hair care products for hair extensions. In addition, you should not use conditioner near the fasteners, as they can loosen.

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

The scrunchie is absolutely perfect for you then!

The only thing is that you need to be able to get your hair up in a small knot.

The optimal thing is that it gets some hair to be able to attach to, but if there is not enough, it works super well with a couple of hairpins. Then it stays in place all day long.

If you can't get all the hair up into a full knot, just tie half the hair. Then you can let the skirt hang down nicely. There's a review with a picture on our product page that rocks that look, so give it a try!

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

No, you don't need to, it comes pre-styled and ready!

However, you can ruffle it up a bit if you're looking for a more mischievous look.

Or you can brush it and you want a more elegant and classy hairstyle.

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

It's dead simple!

First, you put your own hair up in as small a knot as possible.

Then you thread the Scrunchie over your own knot, 2 rounds if possible.

Then you fluff it so that your own hair is covered by the scrunchie.

If you have very thin hair, it can be good to use some bobby pins to ensure that the scrunchie stays in place.

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

The hair bun is made of high quality synthetic hair, therefore I recommend not using heat on it as it can damage your scrunchie.

Our real hair extensions do just fine, but remember to use heat protection to keep them healthy and shiny for longer.

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

Hair Scrunchie

No I would not recommend doing any chemical treatments on your scrunchie.

However, there are hair mascaras and the like that can cause slight color changes, and it works perfectly!

Tape in Extensions

Absolutely! Since it is 100% real hair extensions, you can color it just like you would with your normal hair. I would recommend you to go to a hair salon for your color treatment.

Then you can take your hair extensions to the hairdresser and get help so that they are the right color!

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at

You can shop here at

We don't have a physical store, in the future, however, selected hairdressers at salons around Sweden will be able to become resellers for Tangled. Then you can test color and buy products directly in the salon.

Is your hairdresser interested in the Tangled Scrunchie?

Then she or he can email us at

- Nicole former hairdresser, CEO at